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bullets I believe that through this discipline, we will grasp more clearly the significance of the elements of choice we exercise in determining the quality of our environments.
bullets • Divine Intelligence burns images into biochips called cells, which we call concepts and perceptions, and stores them in recall stations from which they function as habits or attitudes.
• All living organisms can be likened to Biochips
bullets • Divine Intelligence as the given data base of all biological and technological energy systems, invites full affirmation from all living creatures.
bullets • As human beings we carry out this necessity through the exercise of faith and works. In fact, faith is only the affirmation of what we already are and conducting our affairs in accordance with its laws.
bullets • Nature is the original power source and living database of all its creatures or organic terminals. Earth and its activities or its computing capabilities is only being copied, simulated, or duplicated by computer technology.
bullets • Human kind as a master programmer, should accept the challenge to respect his or her database and learn how its laws operate and build our self-serving programs around this knowledge.
bullets • It is true that all things are done in light and therefore as we use our eyes to see the things that we are doing, we will make sure that they fit into the database to which we are accountable.
bullets • Affirmational Psychology affirms us all as nature’s programmers and invites us to be accountable to our data base of intelligent light energy to which and in which all that we are and do must eventually compute, individually and collectively. Learning how to access our data base, how to change programs which do not compute in their present forms and accepting the responsibility to change programs which we have created, are possibilities which put us squarely in the driver’s seat of our personal and collective destinies. We will then have faith in life because we know how it works and we will know how to hold ourselves accountable, without feeling guilty.
bullets • We will know that each culture is a program created by a particular group of programmers and see such programs for what they are. We will finally hold ourselves as living terminals creating and recreating experiences from a database, which is all supporting.