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bullets Welcome to convesation with Dawn. A place for the woman to begin to understand life. We are constantly forecasting our moods by our breathing patterns, thoughts, feelings, images, words and actions.

bullets Affirmational Psychology is the Art and Science of maintaining conscious mutually beneficial relationships between living energy systems. It is the field of study, which calls the human family to order and poses critical questions concerning the manner in which we have conducted our affairs to date. It impacts on the personal and universal quality of life and is equally significant to all at once. Reverence For Life is the culture and practice of Affirmational Psychology.

bullets Affirmational Psychology as a discipline provides a framework in which to develop personal and interpersonal communication tools and skills that are both workable and transferable. The principles being presented for identifying and affirming the all-pervading intelligence are contained in the term “Affirmational Psychology.” These are the factors, which tenderize tough science and likewise toughen tender arts. It is the explorations of those inherent factors, which generate and facilitate relationships between pre-discernible organisms and mighty galaxies as well as binding together energies with invisible cords of time in space. Emergent also will be the imperative most of all to identify and present the perceptual tools and emotional skills necessary to prove the study beneficial both at the individual and the collective levels.

bullets The function of the Arts in Affirmational Psychology is its imperative to maintain nurturing cultural tenets and identification with Religious, Psychological and Philosophical schools of thought that unify living energy systems.

bullets Affirmational Psychology evaluates whether our emphases, both in the Arts and Sciences, do as much to fragment or unify our world. Here it would be a matter of exploring to what extent the heart and the head perceive their mutuality and are, therefore, ready to transmute their long held perception of behavior patterns into life sustaining partnerships for the benefit of all.

bullets We examine schools of thought and their historical efforts to provide conscious direction and guidance to human behavior thereby determining personal and collective attitudes.

bullets As Affirmational Psychology addresses the resultant psychological and physical waste sites brought about by the individual and collective non-accountability attitudes, its’ place as an authentic discipline and mission as a restorer of sanity to academia increases. We examine personal and collective accountability for the conditions of our physical and emotional environments with the aim of linking them in cause and effect cycles.

bullets We explore and affirm the Science in Affirmational Psychology as the technological advances of humans to repeat the relational patterns that abound in nature and to reiterate the intelligent relationships which link all living energy systems.

bullets In this manner, we seek to concur with the rest of life that both the physical sciences and the liberal arts are indivisible and vary neither in their content nor intentions, but only in their respective modes of communicating their observations of the common phenomenon of living energy systems. Affirmational Psychology is perhaps the new forum from which a more relevant view of dynamic living emerges. In it the perceptual and emotional tools needed to facilitate personal and collective understanding of present day living can be more vigorously forged and nurtured.

bullets I believe that through this discipline, we will grasp more clearly the significance of the elements of choice we exercise in determining the quality of our environments.


• Divine Intelligence burns images into biochips called cells, which we call concepts and perceptions, and stores them in recall stations from which they function as habits or attitudes.

• All living organisms can be likened to Biochips

• Divine Intelligence as the given data base of all biological and technological energy systems, invites full affirmation from all living creatures. • As human beings we carry out this necessity through the exercise of faith and works. In fact, faith is only the affirmation of what we already are and conducting our affairs in accordance with its laws.

• Nature is the original power source and living database of all its creatures or organic terminals. Earth and its activities or its computing capabilities is only being copied, simulated, or duplicated by computer technology.

• Technology

The language employed in the computer technology is easily transferable to describe the behavior of living organisms; for instance, electricity is accepted as the given power source which gives a computer terminal its capability to process data. The same electricity or energy is the power source, which gives living organisms their individual and collective capabilities to create and duplicate themselves.

• In nature’s schema, however, the ultimate database is light, which activates itself and ignites all processes. This light or intelligence is (the God designate) called by many names throughout literature.

• The comparisons in nature of computer language are easily seen if we call each living organism, living computer chips. These living chips differ only to the extent that they are self activated and operated. They also access their database or light source through their self-initiated intelligence. Humankind operates in the same way and the human brain is nature’s ultimate computer terminal.

• Human beings as living computer terminals access the cosmos or nature, which is its power source or database. For us, a psychology based upon this admission would make us responsible for the kind of world we have and the capability to reprogram it.

• This psychology will see us as nature’s conscious programmers who have the choice of creating programs, which reflect nature’s laws, or programmers who put anti-nature programs in operation to our own peril and disease.

• Nature, being indestructible, and light energy, its database, likewise being self-generating, gives us the room for developing any kind of programs we wish along with their consequences.

• As we, however, grasp the range of our capabilities and take responsibility for the programs or cultures we have designed, we will change them more easily to satisfy our personal and collective needs.

• If, for instance, we recognize that we are self-programmers; we would also change our behaviors more easily. The facts are if we change our programs our perceptions and our behaviors will change automatically.